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sexe en famille francaise rencontre sex

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Be quick to listen then act with love…love thy family, customers, peers, competitors! Pursue people that exude love and love those that know no love…gravitate and elevate! Listen, speak and act with love…heart led humility, timing and mirroring! Build relationships by being present, engaged and honest…magnetism and integrity!

Help others to grow in love and spread love…locate, share, equip and enable! In our dark world devoid of love, stand strong and be different. Love sincerely, hate evil and cling to what is good. You will be known and remembered for your love of others. What happens when asked the simple question, What do you do? Do you find yourself struggling for words or saying words that have no appeal to command attention or a follow-up question? Today, too many people are defined by their job and narrowly focus on that aspect alone.

So, do not wait any longer. Start by thinking of a mission as an elevator speech. You have only seconds to compel someone to want to learn more, ask questions or become a buyer! Focus on the who your target , benefit value , and why so what? Simply write down key words for each. Develop one sentence, institutionalize not memorize , and say it with great passion. It must be pithy and succinct. Test it then refine it! An authentic male mentor should say… I help men to reject passivity, lead courageously, accept responsibility and expect greater rewards!

Do not say, I help men! A female youth coach should say… I help transform girls into women as they positively impact lives through volleyball! Do not say, I am a volleyball coach! A beautician should say… I will make you look and feel beautiful! Do not say, I own a beauty shop. Which statement will elicit a response or compel you to engage them or buy from them?

Who cares that you own a shop or passed a test and the certificate hangs on your wall? You must give them a reason to listen and take next steps for deeper conversation then nurture a win-win relationship.

Now that you have a real mission statement memorable enough for you and your circle of influence to communicate with ease daily, please narrowly focus on who could benefit the most from your relationship, involvement, products, services or impact.

Identify them and seek them out like a laser guided missile. Ideally, some will possibly become buyers after you connect at a deeper level and serve them in some way. You must give to get later! Beware, you must also be able to answer the ultimate and most important question that even the legendary rock band The Who wrote about in a song… Who are You? Who…I really want to know!

What do you do when change occurs and you as well as your company must adapt or fall by the wayside? Always remember that what led you to success in past is no guarantee to future! And with all of the chaos in our world, from our sinful nature to evil terrorism to the spread of cancer to the impending stock market crash, change is inevitable! How we react or pivot is a choice and making smart choices is paramount.

Andy Grove, founder of computer chip giant Intel, says you are paranoid if you pay attention to the details of your business, realize that others envy your success, and watch for the trouble that inevitably occurs.

Do you possess any of these paranoid traits? If so, you may be on the right road to success, according to Grove. Grove believes that paranoid entrepreneurs and managers do not get complacent or rest on their laurels. Paranoia forces you to think strategically and critically about what you do, who you do it with, how you do it, when you do it, where you do it, and why you do it!

Furthermore, it helps keep business owners knee-deep in the details of their businesses according to Grove. If you are paranoid, it means that you are sweating the small stuff and that is what Grove states helped him to achieve great success. So, next time you are obsessively anxious about something or unreasonably suspicious of others and their thoughts or motives, do not worry because some of the most brilliant people and successful businesses achieved great results thanks to a little paranoia.

Smart business owners have turned worry into an art form. The key is to not become paralyzed or get lost in the details that you lose sight of your purpose, priorities and the big picture. Channel your disorder in a positive way today! Simply, try your best to focus on today since yesterday is gone and tomorrow is not a given.

While doing so is not easy, minimize your tendency to fret over the past and agonize over the future that only derails today! Success today matters…make it count! What and how have you done? How does it measure up to what you envisioned this time last year…personally and professionally — at home, work and play?

What is your vision…mission…values…roles, goals, objectives and priorities for this year and beyond? Ready to think BIG yet start small?

Do you have a game plan for success? See the value, yet? If you have not started, fret not. Start investing your time, creating innovative ideas and quantifying results now. Where we spend our time, energy and efforts become the sum total of whom we are over time! Resolve to make smart moves to elevate your thinking right now, today!

One today is worth two tomorrows…what I am to be, I am now becoming! Make time to think strategically, write it down, prioritize right things then take action…execute! Do it now to brighten your and beyond!!! Posted by Al Paoli on Dec 15, in Business 0 comments. How are you doing in life at home, work and play…really, do you know and are you satisfied? When was the last time you truly assessed your business thoroughly…your present position as well as potential for future growth? If not in the last six months or year, now is an excellent time to perform a business physical or reality check!

If you can answer yes to all of these questions, consider your business health check a success. If these questions left you realizing you and your business have some gaps, then please take action and do not delay another day…seek help now before it is too late!

Recently, a trusted mentor and authentic friend informed me that he was going to take a leap of faith and pursue his REAL purpose, vision and mission in life. He quickly moved from informing to doing in one week. Now that is faith and moving intentionally with a sense of urgency to live out his calling.

My friend, an imperfect man, is starting a church and knows that to not do what God has asked him to do will lead to serious consequences. While he is a mighty man of great faith focused on loving others, the catalyst that brings what he hopes for into reality is pure belief without doubt that God will supply all of his needs.

He is not afraid for he believes in God, not his own abilities, and that all things are possible. I attended his first service, witnessed how blessed he really is and look forward to seeing his positive impact on thousands of lives along the extraordinary adventure ahead.

Just prior to his leap, another friend informed me that his leap of faith into a life of future bliss is dead. The ideal prices and timing is not just perfect for him and issues with starting over make it seem impossible to work out. We, too, are called to make leaps of faith, some daily. Think about your life at home, work and play today and in your past. Did you leap into the arms of your father or mother as a child then recreate scene when you became a parent? You moved from fear to trust as a child then encouraged your child to trust you.

As an adult, have you been holding back or cautious to proceed for various reasons? Will the safety, security and comfort of the known old or current life prevent you from pursuing the unknown future life? Maybe, the time does not feel right or you do not have enough resources or the right skills to be a success. Doubt and fear paralyzes even the strongest of people. You want it; yet, do not really want it! You are willing to play it safe and settle. Fortunately, we do not have to step into thin air uncertain of what is ahead for our life and loved ones around us.


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